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Ride-On Power Trowels

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  • Easy to transport, lightweight machine designed for small to the mid-sized flooring job
  • A low machine profile provides a low center of gravity and allows high machine stability
  • Guaranteed Gear Box for heavy trowelling and rough handling
  • Twin stick multi-directional steering system for immediate machine control and precise maneuverability
  • Centrifugal clutch-type assembly
  • Tilt forward seats with tool kit at its back
  • A built-in hoist hook for transport, on or off the work site
  • Precision control for blade pitch to ensure precise blade adjustment
  • Chrome guard ring for easy cleaning and protection of drive train
  • Adjustable lights for different directions
  • Water spray fitment
  • Choice of various types of Honda, B&S engines, etc.


Ride-On Power Trowels


#OL (over-lapper); PF (Pan Floater)


Consumables Product Codes
Model Blades Pans
830-75 000208 000225C
836-90 000203



1046-120 0002045


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