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Muck-Truck® has proven itself as the yardstick by which other manufacturers measure their products.


Every Muck-Truck® model is designed for industrial and professional use, with health and safety front and center.


When the clutch lever is released, the Muck-Truck® comes to an immediate full stop, so should an operator trip or fall the chance of an accident is greatly reduced.


Balanced weight distribution makes for easy tipping and helps avoid common workplace injuries to an operator’s back and limbs.


Please note that we do not put prices on our website as we sell our machines to over 70 countries and we deal with 13 different currencies.


The Muck-Truck® motorized wheelbarrow dumper is designed and built in the United Kingdom and delivers huge productivity benefits to the construction, landscaping, recreation parks, and utility sectors.


Research by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) shows a massive six million days were lost last year due to injury in the workplace. The HSE states that ‘it is the employer’s duty to avoid manual handling as far as reasonably practical and use machines rather than physical labor’.


By reducing physical strain and the chance of injury, the number of sick days should also reduce, resulting in lower overheads and increased profit margins.


The Muck-Truck® is also versatile and all of our power wheelbarrow attachments are interchangeable and can be used with any configuration of Muck-Truck® micro dumper.


Learn more about Muck-Truck®’s full range of accessories.


Muck-Truck Warranty: Muck-truck Warranty begins with the date of purchase. The Sales Invoice or other Proof of Purchase will validate the Warranty start date. When Proof of Purchase or Ownership is not available, the Machine Serial Number will be used to determine the manufacturing date of the product.



  • Model:Muck-Truck®
  • Engine:Honda GXV 160 Commercial 5.5hp
  • Transmission:3 forward / 1 reverse
  • Speed:0-3.5mph
  • Fuel:Unleaded Petrol
  • Capacity:6 cu/ft – 550lbs/250kgs carrying capacity
  • Noise Rating:Up to 79db
  • Parking brake:Disc
  • Wheels:Front 400×10, 4 ply tractive. Rear 400×8, 4 ply tractive
  • Dimensions:(L) 61” x (W) 28“ x (H) 34”
  • (L) 1550mm x (W) 710mm x (H) 865mm
  • Weight:Unladen – 295lbs/135kg
  • Traction:4 Wheel Drive.
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