Edger Power Trowels

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Smooth finish. Better comfort:


  • Suitable for trowelling edges against walls and columns
  • Allows better floating and finishing capabilities along wall lines, columns and obstacles
  • Free rotating wheel ring that allows trowel to run smoothly along the wall
  • Rubber ring protection on rotating guard to avoid wall damages
  • Guaranteed Gear Box for heavy trowelling and rough handling
  • Safety Stop switch that shuts the engine down automatically in the event of operational emergencies
  • Standard foldable handle and Lifting hook for easy storage and transport
  • Precision control for blade pitch to ensure precise blade adjustment
  • Universal blades interchangeable with major trowel brands
  • Choice of various types of Honda petrol engines.


Edger Power Trowels



Consumables Product Codes
Model Blades Pans
424-60 201 224
430-75 202 225
624-60 207 000224B
630-75 202 000225BG
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